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digital resource designer

Your Tranquil Teacher subscription includes a digital download bundle thoughtfully designed by Bobbi!

Teacher by day, crafter by night! Bobbi taught middle school Health for 8 years before recently swapping her role to a Digital Learning Specialist.

Bobbi has an Etsy shop where she sells teacher goodies like stickers, shirts, digital downloads and much more. She loves creating new things with her cricut and really loves sharing everything she learns in order to help others.

"I'm an educator at heart, whether it's teaching or sharing how-to tutorials. I hope to provide teachers with digital downloads that can be implemented in any classroom, inspire, and empower other teachers to be creative in their own teaching craft."

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Guest expert & masterclass host

Kirsten Johnson is a PreK Teacher and Makeup Artist!

She's got two passions - teaching littles and helping other women feel beautiful and confident with makeup. 

As Tranquil Teacher's May guest expert, Kirsten will focus on helping Tranquil Teacher's subscribers find that confidence within themselves in order to embrace their natural beauty.

Kirsten will be hosting her masterclass FREE for all Tranquil Teacher subscribers on May 13, 2022. Not a subscriber? All you have to do is sign up for a Tranquil Teacher box and receive instant access to our Facebook group where you'll find all the details you need to join in.

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Teaching is a lot more fun and impactful when you're surrounded by people who understand what you do. We know you're often looking to feel supported in a variety of ways, Expert guests, classroom resources, and a fun community - we are your people!


With all that you do, treating yourself to happy mail is the self-love gift you didn't know you needed! With every box a surprise, items are cute, convenient, practical, and the added masterclasses teach you new skills to work into your day and routine.

self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless.