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To be able to give to others, we have to first give to ourselves. At Tranquil Teacher, our mission is to help educators, like you, fight teacher burnout and eliminate some of those feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Every other month, we ship a thoughtfully curated self-care box right to your door to help you be your best self, and live a more tranquil life.

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Receive your happy mail, follow the included self-care guide, enjoy your items, and most importantly, focus on yourself!

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Community shouldn’t stop in your classroom. It’s just as important for teachers to have a good support system both in and out of school. All current subscribers will gain exclusive access to our Tranquil Teacher Facebook community where we connect with others and show support on all different levels.

All subscription boxes include 5-7 self-care items. We like to keep most of our goodies a surprise, but you can expect to find a variety of products for bath, skin, accessorizing, and mindfulness as well as items to use in the classroom

We know you love some of the online goodies you can print out for your students, but we’re digging a little deeper here. In our Facebook community, you’ll find our top recommendations and resources that connect with you not only as a teacher but an individual.

I received one of these fantastic boxes as a Christmas present and it was the most exciting gift I received! I wasn't expecting it and there were 8 items inside! I wore the earrings the next day and the socks and coffee mug were perfect to kick back with during the holiday break. Can't wait for the day I travel to use my portable makeup case, not to mention the silk scarf, scrub, and wipes. This box isn't only for teachers but for everyone especially during these times when family and friends have become teachers at home. Thanks so much for your awesome details, products, and love for your customers!

- denia

Putting yourself first isn't always easy, especially being an educator. After receiving my first Tranquil Teacher box I felt like self-care became much easier. It came with a mix of pampering products, skin care, positive affirmations, and stress relief items. I promise you that your mind and soul will be in tranquil mode. Treat yourself or recommend any teacher who's looking to treat themselves a little, you will be happy you did.

- melissa

I never knew a box dedicated to teachers existed so I was so happy when a friend recommended this to me! I really feel like I don't have time to take care of myself, my head is always spinning and on teacher mode, but it honestly is easier to give myself a little TLC when I have happy mail filled with self-care goodies delivered to me. I love the whole vibe of this box!

- sabrina

Gift a teacher you love with some care for themselves

Teachers support students best when they take care of themselves. Many teachers put their all into their jobs, leaving them feeling stressed and overworked. Remind them that they are more than just a teacher, and they need to take time to take care of themselves! Select “This is a Gift” at checkout and include a special message to your teacher.

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self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless. self care for the selfless.